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  • All entries must be submitted through a dance studio or performing arts school.

  • A general/preliminary schedule will be emailed to each studio approximately 10 days prior to each event.
    Any changes to the schedule must be submitted via email within 24 hours of the preliminary schedule being released.

  • Final schedules will be emailed to each studio approximately 7 days prior to the event for which they are registered. Once the final schedule is released, no changes can be made.

  • Payment is due within 40 days of the event. Payment received less than 21 days prior to the event will be assessed a late fee of 15% of the total entry fees for that studio.

  • 3Sixty reserves the right to refuse entry to any studio at its sole discretion.


There are 4 levels ​of competition at 3Sixty The Tour:


At every regional competition, judges will have the ability to “upgrade” a routine if that routine has been placed in a lower level than they feel is adequate for the routine. This may be based on difficulty, technique, or other factors that the judges agree upon. Upgraded routines will be eligible for overalls in the higher level IF that level and routine size’s overalls have not yet been awarded. Otherwise, the routine will receive an adjudication only. 


Ages are calculated using each dancer’s age as of January 1, 2025. Decimals are dropped for all ages. For example if a groups average age is 12.9 in will compete in the 10-12 division.



Ages for productions will be calculated and competed as either 12 & Under or 13 & Over.

  • Dancers cannot compete any lower or higher than one age bracket above or below their own age. (i.e. an age 12 dancer can dance in a 7-9 group or a 13-15 group, but cannot compete in a 6 & Under or 16 & Over group)
    Productions are excluded from this rule.

  • Adult dancers who have graduated high school and are 19 or older may only compete in the teen division or higher and are not eligible for any 12 and under divisions, regardless of the routine size. This includes productions.

  • Any individual who appears on stage once the routine has begun until the routine ends is considered a part of that routine and is counted in the number of dancers for that routine, as well as subject to the age average and level placement, regardless of how long they spend on stage.

  • Teachers, parents and adults age 20 and over who compete MUST enter the adult division and are not eligible to compete in any routines that are placed in any other age division, including productions.

Routines (excluding solos) may be moved to a higher age division than their natural age average falls at, but NO routines will be allowed to compete at a lower age level.




Lines or productions should be placed at the discretion of the director/choreographer based on the length and intent of the routine. Any productions that are less than the above numbers should contact 3Sixty to be entered as a production with less people.




Routine time begins at the entrance of dancers to the stage and ends when all dancers have exited the stage. Extended time is available for purchase.

Each 10 seconds over the allotted times listed above will result in a 1 point deduction from the routine’s overall score.


Routines may compete at the following levels:
Solos - Dancers must compete at the level at which they are registered as.
Duo/Trios - If one dancer is registered at a higher level than the other dancer(s), the routine must compete at that higher level.
Groups & Lines - Whatever level 50% or more of the routine’s dancers are entered at is where the routine will automatically be placed.
*Duo/Trios & Groups may be moved to a higher level of competition by the director/choreographer,

but NO routines may be moved to a lower level.



Routine must display acrobatic skills; no more than 50% of the routine may be acrobatic.

The other 50% must contain dance technique.


Routine must display classical ballet techniques and choreography; absolutely no acrobatic tricks are allowed.


Routine should portray a recognizable character. Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted.


Routine must utilize clogging shoes as well as clogging techniques.


Routine should consist of influences from various other dance styles, including but not limited to; modern, lyrical, jazz. Routine should be based in movement that is unique and not uniform to any one particular style overall.

(i.e. do not enter a classical lyrical routine into the contemporary division). Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted.


Routine should portray ethnic styles of dance, and may include more than one ethnic style.


Routine should consist of hip hop and/or street dance techniques and choreography; traditionally utilizing musicality, sharpness, and isolated movements. Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted.


Routine should consist of mainly jazz techniques and choreography; musicality, rhythms and performance are emphasized. Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted.


Routine should portray the lyrics of the music through performance and choreography, and primarily utilize ballet technique throughout the routine. Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted.


Routine should utilize traditional modern techniques such as Graham, Cunningham, Horton, Limon, Duncan, Taylor, etc.


Routine should utilize at least one or more of the following criteria: Broadway/musical songs, expressive performance, character portrayal, and/or storytelling through music. Up to 3 acrobatic tricks are permitted.


Routine should be placed in this category if it does not fit the criteria for any of the other categories. Unlimited acrobatic tricks are permitted as well.


Routine requires the use of pointe shoes for 100% of the routine, utilizing traditional ballet technique and choreography. No acrobatic tricks are permitted in this category.


Routine should contain 75% or more of its choreography from a dance student.


Routine consisting of any dance style or combination of styles. This category can be used for a secondary dance in a similar style to one already used.


Routine requires the use of tap shoes for 100% of the routine and should consist of traditional tap techniques and tap choreography. No acrobatic tricks are permitted in this category.


A routine that is any type of vocal presentation; no lead vocals are allowed; backup vocals are permitted.

  • Soloists are permitted to compete ONE solo per category.
    For example: If a dancer has 2 lyrical solos, one should be placed in lyrical and the other in open.

  • Duets/Trios may only compete in the same category IF 50% of the duet or trio has different dancers from the other routines.

  • Groups may only compete in the same category IF 50% of the group members differ from one routine to the next.


  • 3Sixty The Tour will provide experienced judges to adjudicate every event. These judges will score each routine based on the following criteria: technique, execution, choreography, appropriateness, musicality, showmanship, level of difficulty, and overall impression. Each judge will be able to score a maximum of 100 points, and the scores will be added together to obtain an overall score for each routine, which is then used to determine overall high score awards for each age/size/division.

  • Scores will use up to 1 decimal place, unless a tie occurs, in which the second decimal place will be used to break the tie. If this is not possible, the technique score will be used to break the tie. If there is still a tie after both of these numbers are referenced, the tie will be awarded as such.

  • Each routine will receive an adjudication, video critique from each judge, and a choreographer-only critique from a fourth judge. This judge does not enter a score and does not determine any of the awards for a routine, category, or division. Their sole purpose is to provide separate feedback that is intended solely for the teacher/choreographer of the routine.

  • Dancers who exit the stage before 50% of their routine has been completed (or 50% of their music has played) will not receive a score. Re-competing is at the discretion of the directors of the competition.

  • All decisions of the judges are 100% final and not able to be challenged/contested.

  • Any contestation of another routine’s age or level placement must be submitted in writing within 30 minutes of the routine in question to the music table for a director to review. Contesting any dancer or routine does not guarantee anything will change and is at the discretion of the judges at the time of the submission. All contestations must be submitted by a studio director ONLY.

  • Judges’ discretion is used to determine a routine’s appropriateness. Any routine that demonstrates inappropriate movement, gestures, profane language, etc. may receive a deduction of points or be disqualified from the competition.


3sixty expert
platinum plus
high gold
High silver


First In Category: Awarded to each category (i.e. Age 10 Expert Lyrical Solo) when there are 3 or more entries in that category.

Overall Awards: Novice, X-Cellerated, and Expert levels will receive overall awards for each routine size (solos, duet/trios, small groups, large groups, lines, productions) in each age division. All styles of dance are included in overalls. A top 5, top 10, or more may be awarded at each event, depending on the total number of entries for each division.

Cash/Gift Certificate Overalls: First Place high scoring overall will be awarded dependent on level and routine size. 

(Novice/X-Cellerated Divisions are Gift Certificates for future 3Sixty The Tour events only; Expert level is a cash award given to the studio director in the form of a check which will be mailed at the end of the event)













small group




LARGE group












Gift Certificates expire at the end of the following season. (i.e. a gift certificate awarded at any 2025 event is valid for all of 2026’s events, but expires after the last 2026 event and is not valid for any 2027 events).

All divisions above must have a minimum of 15 entries overall to be awarded a gift certificate or cash prize.

Adult & 3Sixty Fun levels are not eligible for overall awards or monetary awards.


  • Special Recognition Awards: These awards are given at the judges’ discretion to recognize any unique quality that they notice during any routine. These awards have no bearing on scores and do not signify anything pertaining to any other awards. 

  • Judges’ Choice Awards: These awards are presented to the solo, duet/trio routines that stood out to the judges for a variety of reasons including Artistry, Technique, Choreography...etc. 

  • The Exceptional Dancer (Regionals Only): This award highlights dancers who show exceptional talent, potential, dedication, technique, showmanship, etc. in their performances. All soloists in the Expert Division are automatically eligible for this title in each age division. Overall scores do not solely dictate the winners of this award.

  • Scholarships: Scholarships to 3Sixty or other convention circuits may be awarded by the judges at any event, to any dancer at the judges’ discretion.

  • 3Sixty Video Vault: These group routines will be selected by our judging panel to be voted into our online video vault! Routine selections may be chosen for a variety of reasons and will be announced during the final group awards session of each event. Following each event, a vote will take place on social media platforms, and at the conclusion of voting, the top 5 from each event will be inducted into the Video Vault. 

  • Best of 3Sixty: This group award is presented to the group routine that achieves the highest score for each style category. For example, “3Sixty Jazz Champion” may be awarded to the highest scoring jazz group routine of the competition. This award is only for the X-cellerated and Expert division only. Categories include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Open/Acro, Musical Theatre/Novelty/Character.

  • The X-Factor Award: This award is presented to the studio with the highest scoring combined group routines across all different dance categories. This is the highest achievement of the competition for the Novice, X-Cellerated, and Expert levels. Scores will be determined using the following for each level of competition: Novice: 3 highest scoring groups from 3 different categories; X-Cellerated: 4 highest scoring groups from 4 different categories; Expert: 5 highest scoring groups from 5 different categories. The studio with the highest combined group score in that division will be the X-Factor Champion! Studios that have representation in less than the allotted number of categories will still have their scores from whichever categories they are entered into added together to get their total score.

  • Artistry Excellence: This award is presented to the group routine that embodies mastery of technique, emotional expression, and storytelling through movement. It’s about conveying a narrative or emotion with precision, grace, and passion, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact not just through emotional execution but through performing the physical movement as well. 

  • Showmanship Excellence: This award is presented to the group routine(s) who exhibit exceptional stage presence, performance quality, charisma, and engagement with their audience throughout their routine and are chosen by the judges.

  • Technical Excellence: This award is presented to the group routine(s) that demonstrate exceptional dance technique, such as outstanding precision, flexibility, strength, and/or control. 

  • Choreography Excellence: This award is presented to the group routine(s) that demonstrate unique, outstanding or otherwise exceptional choreographic ability, creativity, and artistic vision. This award is chosen by the judges.

  • All Around Excellence: This award is presented to the dance studio/school that exemplifies overall well-roundedness including cultivating kindness amongst each other and other competitors from all the dancers, teachers, directors, and parents. Also exemplifies technique, choreography, style variety, and other qualities that demonstrate a strong basis in all areas of dance.


  • All music must be uploaded at least 10 days prior to each event. Music will be uploaded to our registration site. Please bring a flash drive with backup music in case of a technical issue. Music should not contain profanities and should be family-friendly within reason.

  • Props are allowed at 3Sixty The Tour, but must be safe, stable and must be able to be transported into the venue through a standard-sized door frame. 3Sixty prohibits the use of the following props: fire (including candles), air horns, paint of any kind, water, knives/swords or similar, guns or other weapons, loose glitter, aerosols, loose confetti or sand, sharp objects, cowbells, or any other substance that could be considered dangerous or residual on stage. Props/items that break these rules will not be allowed on the 3Sixty Stage. Any forbidden props/items that do appear on stage without explicit permission from 3Sixty will receive an immediate 2 point deduction. These items are also prohibited during awards ceremonies. *Any prop that takes longer than 2 minutes each for set up/tear down will result in an immediate 2-point deduction for that routine.

  • When an event sells out you must pay the $500 deposit to HOLD your space in order to qualify for the maximum discount. However space may be reserved without paying a deposit until the event sells out. Entry of specific dancers or routines is not required to reserve your spot. Please provide an approximate number of entries at the time of reservation, however.

  • Studios who wish to enter a sold-out event will be given the following options:
    1. Addition to the wait list for that event, or 2. Entry to another 3Sixty event that has space available.

  • Registration must be fully completed through our registration site no later than 40 days prior to the event. This includes dancers, levels, and routine entries. Payment in full is required to be included in the schedule for the event. Bounced/returned checks will incur a $50 fee to the studio/credit card disputes will incur a $75 chargeback fee. Payments must be submitted by the studio in the form of a certified bank check, credit card, or money order; no individual parent payments will be accepted by 3Sixty. Unpaid fees will result in the studio being disqualified from the event.

  • Refunds are not available at any time, for any reason, unless an event is canceled. Account credits may be issued for use at a future 3Sixty The Tour event as deemed necessary.

  • Photography and videography are done solely by the staff of 3Sixty and distributed to each studio within 2 weeks of each event. NO videography or photography of any kind is permitted by any other person attending a 3Sixty event. Individuals caught doing this will be escorted out of the event and repeat offenders will cause disqualification of the studio they are in attendance with.

  • Dancers, teachers, choreographers, and studio directors are permitted backstage. Please be mindful while sharing backstage and dressing rooms with others.

  • Dances must compete at their scheduled time and in their scheduled order, within reason. Holding of numbers for quick changes must be approved by backstage staff. Intentional holding of routines for extra practice time is not allowed. In the event of an injury or illness, extra time will be allotted to those routines to re-block as necessary.

  • For pricing of competition entries and conventions, please see your registration portal or contact 3Sixty directly. Pricing is only available to studio directors.

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